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Gender equality in the tech industry: why everyday needs to be International Women’s Day

Did you know that only 22% of all technology roles across Europe are held by women?  At a time when every business is becoming a technology business, this effects all sectors.

This lack of diversity poses a real threat to our region’s ability to innovate at pace. Particularly, when it’s been shown that more diverse teams deliver increased innovation – and improved results. It’s critical we support and celebrate women today and inspire the next generation of women innovation leaders.

That is why we are launching an exciting new initiative the Microsoft Power Women in Tech Awards in partnership with INSEAD Business School. The program looks to recognize leaders and tech innovators within Microsoft’s Western European partner network who are role models of diversity.

The visibility of role models plays a crucial role in encouraging and inspiring others. I believe that every individual and organisation can play a part in recognizing and celebrating the women who are driving innovation and shaping a better tomorrow.  I strongly believe that every day should be International Women’s Day, and today is a wonderful opportunity to announce that we are welcoming nominations for the Microsoft Power Women in Tech Awards.

Winners will be invited to join a Microsoft sponsored Women in Tech program, led by INSEAD. More details are here.

I am looking forward to seeing the nominations from our Western European partners. I encourage you to nominate the innovative role models that deserve the visibility and recognition, pure and simple.

As individuals in the tech sector, we can also play an important part in addressing the lack of equal representation through coaching and mentoring. Microsoft and our partners are committed to empowering women. Since launching in 2018, many partners have signed up to our Partner Pledge which has diversity and inclusion as a core tenet.

And although I began this piece with an alarming data point of 22% of all technology roles are held by women, it’s important to remember that success is within our reach. To achieve this and make a difference we need to remember every day is an opportunity to recognize the role and the impact women have in the tech industry.


“Tech is the most influential industry in the world. It has the power to connect people, and if managed well, to shape the world for the better. To do this tech needs the best and brightest talent who can bring strategic calculation and moral imagination to the world. Ambitious young professionals, and women in particular, are well placed to help tech nudge the world in a better direction through the diversity of thought they bring. In return they will grow their leadership in a context that truly matters for humanity.”
Associate Professor Jennifer Petriglieri, INSEAD


Inspiring quotes from our Partners

“Diversity and inclusion are critical to the industry’s success, as women bring unique perspectives and reflect the diversity of our clients, customers, and communities, so that we can then create solutions that work for them. Tech is a dynamic field and offers many exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. There is a growing demand of talented individuals who are passionate about innovation and want to make a positive impact through technology.”  — Anna Di Silverio, President of Europe, Avanade

“As a successful tech entrepreneur and CEO, I believe that young women and professionals should not be intimidated by the tech industry. In fact, I encourage them to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with them. My journey proves that with great tenacity and persistence, anything is possible. As a woman with a hybrid background in linguistics and engineering, I faced many challenges initially. However, I never gave up and instead used these challenges as motivation to push harder.” — Daniela Braga, CEO of Defined.AI

“In Codec, we’re committed to growing the number of women in technology. We have put many initiatives in place to support our female employees to realise their full potential. Keeping women in the workplace makes sense, diversity adds competitive advantage.”  — Fiona Daly, CFO, Codec

“We have seen progress in the past few years when it comes to women taking on technology and leadership roles in IT, but there’s still much more that needs to be done. For example, there is a gender pay gap in the industry and that shouldn’t be. It is up to companies and their leadership to make sure all their employees, regardless of gender, are paid fairly and equitably. Businesses should push for and put better measurement tools in place based on employer and sector pay gap data to ensure there are clear and equal paths for salaries, pay increases and promotions.”  — Melissa Mulholland, CEO, Crayon

Power success. Spark inspiration.

Nominate yourself as a Microsoft Power Woman in Tech

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