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Retailers have experienced times of tremendous uncertainty. It’s time to lean into change and thrive by becoming a resilient retailer that drives sustainable profitability and growth.

We work closely with our partner ecosystem to offer proven solutions that help retailers in 4 key areas to become resilient and experience sustainable success: 

    1. Maximize the value of your data 
    2. Elevate the shopping experience 
    3. Build a real-time, sustainable supply chain 
    4. Empower the store associate 

Resilient retail

The overarching theme is resilient retail. Read our blog The road to business resilience: What it is and why it matters to retailers with customer examples from H&M and Zabka Polska from our partners Ombori and AiFi.  

1. Maximize the value of your data 

Get more customer insights and value from your data by unifying data sources across the shopper journey to create a holistic view of the customer. Read our blog From data to value: creating meaningful customer engagements with customer examples from SPAR, Boots, New Era and L’Oréal from our partners SAS, Adobe, Optimizely, and Sitecore. 

2. Elevate the shopping experience 

Transform the shopping experience through data analytics and new store technology to build stronger relationships with your customers across all touchpoints. Read our blog Blending the physical and digital retail experience? Add a splash of data! with customer examples from G-Star RAW, Grandvision, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Würth Italia from our partners New Black and Hevolus. 

3. Build a real-time, sustainable supply chain 

Create an agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chain by connecting data across your ecosystem to identify issues and optimize performance. Read our blog Create flexible retail supply chains that are built to last with customer examples from Perfetti van Melle, Morrisons, Barilla, Alessi, Franke, Coca-Cola European Partner, and Burberry from our partners o9, Blue Yonder, SAS, Toolsgroup, and Board. 

4. Empower the store associate 

Equip your workforce with retail solutions that improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and collaboration to reduce burden on your store associates and invest in their growth. Read our blog Creating great experiences for employees and the customers they serve with customer examples from Marks & Spencer and Rituals from our partners Blue Yonder and New Black. 

The Azure Marketplace

Our Azure Marketplace is an online store that contains thousands of proven software solutions and services built by industry-leading technology companies. In Azure Marketplace you can find, try, buy, and deploy the software and services you need to build new solutions and manage your cloud infrastructure.

Empower Retail Success with Azure Marketplace

Empower your retail business with the full range of apps available on Azure Marketplace. Uncover the keys to success.

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