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There is a simple truth at the heart of the retail sector – if you don’t look after your customers, someone else will. The fight for customers has intensified in recent years and shows no sign of cooling down. The retail success stories of the future are expected to be a smart and seamless blend of physical and digital.  

The key is to appreciate and embrace the role of data in obtaining a deep understanding of your customers. It can show you the patterns in their behavior and preferences and can help you create personalized services and offers that will hit the target. With so many shoppers operating on a digital-first basis – researching products, prices, and availability online – there are lots of opportunities for retailers to make use of across channels.  

New Black has helped G-Star RAW and Grandvision to serve their customers with immersive and consistent brand experiences. Their EVA Unified Commerce Platform enables seamless shopping by combining (m)POS, e-commerce, clienteling, order management, and inventory & fulfillment. All while ensuring compliance with (inter)national privacy and fiscal legislations. The result has been a significant increase of in-store conversion, more click and collect orders leading to upsell, and a higher employee satisfaction. 

Immersive and digital experiences can help inspire and engage your customers, with tools like augmented reality demonstrating how digital and physical work so well together. 

Hevolus has been helping the Italian luxury goods brand Salvatore Ferragamo to use mixed and augmented reality with the Hevolus Remote Selling Solution. Customers can interact with a digital twin of the item they are browsing, allowing them to customize a pair of shoes just for them. The data generated by these augmented encounters has allowed Salvatore Ferragamo to further enhance the customer journey, optimize space in physical stores, simplify purchase methods, and improve the overall customer service experience.  

Hevolus is helping Würth Italia to engage customers with “phygital” content and spaces in the hVERSE accessible through the web on any connected device. Würth can offer its customers a virtual tour of the company, demonstrate tools and train customers on the use of the Würth systems. New customer acquisitions grew 50% YoY. Learn more about Hevolus hVERSE. 

Bridging the gap between digital and physical retail allows you to simplify the shopping experience for your customers, overdeliver on their expectations, and increase the overall customer lifetime value.

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