Mentorship Program for Next Generation Value Creating Life Science Companies

Eva-Mia Westergren

Eva-Mia Westergren

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Pfizer, Microsoft and Region Västerbotten offer a new mentorship program for the next generation value creating life science companies. Is your company one of them?  Preparing to scale up and extend business to broader markets is a crucial step in the growth of any company. Doing so based on real value created is even more critical for companies that aspire for sustainable growth.

For the first time, a partnership of tech, pharma and public healthcare is created with the purpose of supporting rising companies to harness their full value potential in the life science sector.  

Companies that are ready to shift from offering mere products and services to delivering value to customers are welcome to apply. Those selected to participate in the program will be able to benefit from a collective of expertise, experience and infrastructure that can help enable real value creation, business development and growth. 

A joint commitment to make a difference 

Pfizer, Microsoft and Region Västerbotten are committed to making a difference in the future of health care and life sciences – shaping a world where everyone can live their lives in best possible health. 

This value creation mentorship program is a manifestation of this commitment. While public and private health care providers have a key role to play, the industry is equally key in shaping this future. The answer lies in creating value, improving quality as well as increasing cost efficiency and effectiveness in health care services delivered 

The next generation companies have a chance to develop and grow their businesses based on value, and thereby building a sustainable business from the onsetSuccess is however easier said than done. The mentorship program is thus established with the aim to support selected companies – that share the commitment to the future – on their journeys to become truly value creating.  

The value creation mentorship program offers an optimized one-year program that builds on expertise and experience of a carefully selected team of enabling partners.  

The founding partners: 

Pfizer Innovation AB, one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies, brings to the initiative an unparalleled expertise in the development of healthcare businesses. The company brings to members of the program both insights into applied life sciences research, and also the commercial side of translating research into marketable products.  

Microsoft Incone of the world’s largest software companies and also a major provider of software services, brings to the program both knowhow and resources related to software services that enable friction-free scaling up of the technology side of a new business. 

Region Västerbotten, responsible for all healthcare and dental care in the county of Västerbotten, brings to the program enhanced understanding of what value is and how it is created, as well as insights of how sustainable business models can help transform the public health care sector and create business opportunities for companies.  


Want to join us? 

  • Do you have a unique tech offer which can create real value for patients, professionals and healthcare providers? 
  • Do you have a CE certification or equivalent (if applicable)? 
  • Are you flexible in terms of the characteristics of your business, its implementation and your business model?
  • Are you less than five years in existence? 
  • Do you have a total annual revenue of at least 500KSEK but less than 95MSEK 
  • Have you received Seed or Series A funding (or equivalent phase of development, up to 190MSEK in funding)? 

Welcome with your application to this value creation mentorship program. Admissions are open twice per year. 


Our offer 

Enabling partnersA team of carefully selected enabling partners, “mentors”, who are ready to provide mentorship to each selected company for: 

  • Business Development and Go-tomarket strategy from a Supplier and a Customer perspective 
  • Access to advice for Contextual relevance and Product-Market-Price Fit from a Supplier and a Customer perspective 
  • Technical Know-How from a Supplier and Customer perspective  
  • Co-working Space 

Selected companies will be assigned a Primary mentor, a key contact who is responsible for liaison and support within the program. Companies will be invited to Sharing Events and Networking opportunities

For further information about the offer:

Mathias Ekman
Director Industry Solutions at Microsoft

Andreas Svensson
Digital Innovation Lead at Pfizer

Application for the mentorship program is now open!

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