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What’s the secret sauce that makes your apps stand out from the rest? As an application development company, staying ahead of your competitors is about innovation. You’re in a race for new customers and to keep the customers you have – and the only way to stay ahead is by differentiating your offerings. Your apps need to be secure, flexible, mobile and have the horsepower to deliver deep business insights and analytics. 

 Here are five reasons why application development companies are moving to the cloud: 

  1. Improve end-user experience 
  2. Reach new and niche markets 
  3. Shorten time to market  
  4. Simplify operational processes 
  5. Usage tracking and reporting capabilities 

Download the e-book, Build a Competitive Edge with SaaS Apps | Microsoft Azure , to explore how to: 

  • Easily develop SaaS applications that help you reduce your time to market and provide a more targeted and relevant user experience. 
  • Build apps that are more secure, flexible, mobile, and capable of delivering deep business insights. 
  • Improve your margins through value-added services built with powerful, modern capabilities like predictive analytics, machine learning, and cognitive services. 


Microsoft ISV Academy 

Register for the upcoming Microsoft ISV Academy to explore why Azure is the cloud for SaaS businesses. 

Connect with Microsoft and fellow B2B SaaS companies in the Netherlands by joining the NL SaaS community LinkedIn group  


Microsoft Certifications

Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements.

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