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Building skills for a Digital Future

The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing: a time in which almost everything becomes digital. The way we work has changed radically and permanently. For the first time, there are more vacancies than job applicants and more roles are emerging which all requires digital skills! This means we have to put effort into attracting and retaining the right talent. Led by Rick Nieman, speakers from different fields discuss how you can best bind talent.

During Microsoft Envision the Netherlands, talk show host Rick Nieman received our guest speakers from LinkedIn, ABN AMRO Bank, Achmea, Ahold Delhaize, Techionista, SURF, Gemeente Leiden, mboRijnland and Microsoft. Together they provided answers to the following questions:

? The Great Reshuffle:
Recognize employees who want to keep learning
Invest in the skills of your employees

? Rethink how to unlock talent:
Research how to attract a diverse audience
Write inclusive job postings
Get to know a person first before looking at their qualifications

? Redefine the way you work:
Lead by example: be unavailable outside working hours
Make your company future-proof by creating various work scenarios
Give employees advice and options and specifically ask for their feedback

? Adapt the way of learning:
Education and business must work together
Digital skills are the future
Teach basic digital skills
Inspire to keep learning

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One Pager – English
Event recording

The world of work is evolving. Companies are doing their utmost to attract and retain the right talent, at the same time professionals no longer settle for just a good salary to stay with their employer or to take on a new job. Download the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022 report (Dutch). Also available in English.

When you build a talent strategy around skills, it doesn’t just help with retention. It helps create more equitable workplaces. On the 29th of March, join talent leaders and your peers in building the new world of work. Save your spot at LinkedInForward here.

As an educational institution, it is of utmost importance to align your schools’ outcomes with the needs of the job market, now and in the future. Curious about what your institution can do to ensure that your school provides both students, educators, and employees with future-ready skills? Click here to find out more

The Future of Work

In recent years, more companies have switched to a hybrid work form, in which employees have gained more flexibility. Now it no longer matters where and when you work, it is actually more and more about the question “why do you do your job?”. In which way do you want to give substance to your job, your rhythm, your goals, your preferences and your ambitions. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Get ready to be inspired and to discuss with like minded the possibilities and challenges of the Future of Work. How to set up your organization for success and enable the cultural change(s) needed to empower your employees, colleagues, yourself to make the Future of Work, work.

Future of Work Roundtables
April, May and June – stay tuned!


Microsoft Envision the Netherlands

Are you ready to prepare today’s workforce with the skills needed to adapt to an intelligence-driven digital future? Keep your schedule clear on Wednesday 23rd of February 2022 and join us during Microsoft Envision the Netherlands - Building skills for a Digital Future.

Download nu het gratis AI & Skills report (NL)

Een wereldwijd onderzoek naar vaardigheden van werknemers en het potentieel van AI

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