Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures: Inspiring stories of transformation across industries

Semina Vagiakou

Semina Vagiakou

Integrated Marketing Manager | Microsoft Western Europe

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Over the past decade, the sustainability agenda has become an imperative. With the EU and national governments requiring ever more stringent reporting against key sustainability measurables, every organization in Europe now has a clear mandate to address.

The bad news? Most organizations are still using outdated technology to measure their progress. This makes it increasingly difficult to meet the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission and other influencers over the accuracy of environmental impact reporting.

The good news? Many organizations are harnessing the power of digital technology to ensure accurate and automated reporting, and encourage more sustainable ways of working.

In our free eBook Sustainable futures: Inspiring stories of transformation across industries, we present 21 case studies from six different industries that show the full spectrum of how digital solutions can be used to enhance sustainability efforts.

Industries that can change the world

The energy sector contributes to an astonishing 75% of global CO2 emissions, while manufacturing accounts for 20% of emissions in Europe.

Players in these industries have a huge role to play in transitioning towards a less wasteful and more sustainable future for the whole planet. Industry giants such as Eneco and Outokumpu are already leading the way in using digital technology to transform their operations for the benefit of everyone.

Meeting the demands of tomorrow’s consumers

The automotive and retail and consumer goods industries are going through extraordinary transformations too. These are being driven in large part by consumers that are demanding more sustainable products, with 73% of millennials prioritizing sustainability over pricing. Leading companies like Bridgestone and Ikea are doing incredible things to address this unstoppable trend and deliver products and services that meet the ethical standards of tomorrow’s consumers.

Building a better society

75% of global carbon dioxide emissions are produced in urban areas, and the 100 cities with the greatest footprints account for 18% of global emissions.

That’s why many public sector organizations across Europe are already using digital and cloud technology to build smart cities, encourage more sustainable ways of living, and transform communities and society for the better.

Your guide to a sustainable future

Inside Sustainable futures: Inspiring stories of transformation across industries, you’ll find:

  • Key insights into sustainability trends in industries including: automotive, consumer goods and retail, energy, financial services, public sector, and manufacturing.
  • Inspiration from 21 successful sustainable transformation stories from Microsoft’s work with its customers.
  • Guidance on how your organization can take the next step towards a more sustainable and future-proofed tomorrow.

Free eBook: Sustainable futures: Inspiring stories of transformation across industries

Discover over 20 case studies from six different industries that show the full spectrum of how digital solutions can be used to enhance sustainability efforts.

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