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Business leaders all over the world are turning their attention towards reducing their environmental impact, and creating a more prosperous tomorrow. But, the journey to a sustainable future is one we all must make collectively. A global shift towards sustainable business transformation is no easy feat, but when we bring people and innovative technology together, the opportunities for change and the capability to succeed increases.

We sat down with Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft, for Short Cuts, our short films on big issues. Lucas looks at the main obstacles we’re faced with as we work towards sustainability – and explains why we must be prepared to embrace change to protect our environment, and in turn, help our businesses flourish. So, grab a cup of coffee and let Lucas guide you through sustainable transformation in this short video.

And, if you’re looking to develop a transformation strategy to create long-term value in your organization, read ‘Sustainability. Good for Business.’, an executive playbook for how business leaders can approach sustainable transformation and contribute to positive change.

“Western Europe is going to serve as the epicentre of the global societal transformation towards sustainability,” says Lucas Joppa, “and we have an opportunity to not just transform that region of the world, but all regions of the world.”

Sustainability. Good For Business. Executive Playbook.

Provides guidance for 6 roles across the C-Suite on how to take the first step to a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

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