Microsoft Certifications: a competitive advantage you should consider

Semina Vagiakou

Semina Vagiakou

Integrated Marketing Manager | Microsoft Western Europe

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Although it may seem ironic in the digital world we live in, it’s hard to find technological profiles on the job market that satisfy the real needs of companies. Microsoft Certifications offers a real competitive advantage for both job candidates and the companies searching for them. This is why.

How to get Microsoft Certified for free in just three steps

Microsoft Certifications are within anyone’s reach with three simple steps:

  1. Choose the areax of interest and sign up for Microsoft Virtual Training to. In these virtual spaces, experts in your chosen area will teach and answer all your questions, regardless of whether you’re already an expert or if you’re just taking your first steps. Choose between Azure, AI, Data Insight, Hybrid Work, Security and Compliance, Dynamics or Power platform.
  2. Complete the course and get a 100% discount for your exam
    Microsoft Virtual Training Days are composed of 1 to 2 training webinars, between 3 to 6 hours in total, depending on the chosen technology. To get the discount you must attend the entire training course and at the end you’ll receive information about how to get this deal by email 5 days after the course. This video explains how to get the discount after the course.
  3. Take the exam and receive your certification. Attending the Microsoft Virtual Training Day will dramatically increase your chances of passing the exam. If you have any questions, click here to see how to better prepare for the exams. If you want to better understand the structure of the exams, please refer to the exam duration and question types.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Check it out now.

The Five Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Based on an analysis of IT industry jobs and roles, one of the major advantages of Microsoft Certifications is that they are fully aligned with the market’s real needs. In fact, in recent years, the focus has moved away from classifications related to specific products and has rather aligned with common job roles such as developers, data engineers, DevOps engineers, administrators, data scientists, security engineers, solution architects, AI architects, and official consultants.

From data gathered from Pearson VUE’s 2021 Value of IT Certification Survey:

  • 61% of the tech professionals said they got a promotion
  • 73% upskilled to keep pace with changing technologies
  • 76% have greater job satisfaction since getting their certification
  • 91% of candidates experienced increased confidence in doing their jobs

Not convinced? Let us explain further.

With Microsoft Certifications the idea is to offer experience-based learning, delivered and assessed in small fragments. Considering these foundations, the certifications offer these five practical benefits:

  1. Companies recognize your skills!
    Microsoft is a renowned global leader in the IT industry and companies of all sizes across all sectors rely on Microsoft technologies and services to keep mission-critical applications and processes up and running. Having a Microsoft certification offers additional guarantees when applying for a new job, making a change, or getting a promotion… Get professionally certified now!
  2. Your résumé will stand out!
    When it comes to landing a job, getting your résumé on top of the pile is the first step. Microsoft Certifications will help you achieve this. In fact, 60% of IT hiring managers stated that applications with IT certifications are significantly more likely to be reviewed than those that have none.
  3. Increased income? YES!
    If you’re already working but want to earn more, Microsoft Certifications can make the difference. According to the Pearsons VUE survey, 28% of tech professionals say that getting certified led to salary or wage increases.
  4. More & better career options!
    Microsoft Certifications can take your career in an entirely new direction with so many different possibilities, all designed based on the market’s present and future needs.
  1. Expertise your skill!
    With a Microsoft Certification, your new IT skills will be duly accredited, making your expertise more highly valued and others will turn to you for help and guidance.

Easy right? Let’s sign you up then!

Join us for the free Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Explore our webinars for Developers and IT professionals and register for the ones best suited to you and your organization.

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