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Microsoft Discover Workshops

Microsoft Discover Workshops

Välkommen till Microsoft Discover workshop, utnyttja hela ert teams kapacitet och utforska hur ni kan gå tillväga för att lyckas. En Microsoft Discover workshop är ett fantastiskt sätt att få praktisk erfarenhet av Microsoft olika produkter och tjänster anpassat för dig!

This isn’t your typical demo.

Innovative, immersive and highly interactive, each workshop is designed as an engaging experience, tailored to the specific interests, challenges and needs of your business.

By giving you hands-on time with Microsoft products, devices and solutions, you can discover first-hand how the right technology can help you optimize digital transformation and business insights for your organization, as well as unlock new ways of working.

You’ll come away with a broader view of your business challenges and a deeper understanding of how Microsoft can help you unleash your team’s full potential and drive digital transformation within your organization.

This isn’t your typical demo. This is a Microsoft Discover Workshop.

Microsoft Certifications

Earn certifications that show you are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements. Microsoft has certification paths for many technical job roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn certification.