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The workplace is changing. Employees are no longer coming together at set times and places to discuss, share and compare before returning to their own work in silo. That’s because the business leaders of today see those employees, the spaces they work in and the technology they use – as one entity. The result is an environment of seamless collaboration.

Set up your employees to do their best work

Lagging, faulty and outdated technology is the last thing your workers have time for when running between individual work, catch-ups and team sessions. Even more so when they’re working out of the office at the client’s place, or in a coffee shop – or at home.

Did you know 86% of disengaged employees say their work environment does not allow them to choose where to work.

Today’s workers need variety to match evolving work styles. They need tools that enable new ways of work. Chat-based workspaces, enterprise-class email, voice and video capabilities and modern note-taking devices; all to help the transition between individual focus time and team collaboration with ease.

After all, employees that show optimal engagement spend 60–80% of their time away from their desks¹. Isn’t it time you empowered your employees?

¹ “Redefining Connections: Insights from the Global C-Suite Study—The CIO Perspective,” 2016, IBM

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