Why creativity means productivity in the new, modern workplace

Johanna Winqvist

Johanna Winqvist

Microsoft, Modern Workplace

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The workplace is changing. Spending time being creative no longer means less time spent being productive. In fact, they go hand in hand. You have the power to create a culture at work where ideas thrive; where productivity is about achieving more, not doing more.

Turning good ideas into great businesses

Did you know 80% of employees feel that they’re increasingly being pressured to be more productive rather than more creative¹? Or how about the 75% of people that think they’re not living up to their creative potential²?

With the right tools, you can enable your people to shape, share and sell their creative thinking as far as it can go – to push business forward.

Doodle for total recall

It’s had a reputation for being mindless, lazy and distracting, but when it comes to note-taking, doodlers can take us to some exciting places. On average, they can recall 29% more information than ‘non-doodlers’³.

Modern devices, like Surface with Surface Pen, empower doodlers and non-doodlers alike to work in ways that feel more natural. But the benefits stretch beyond sketching and note-taking. Being able to work on the move while keeping work files and personal data safe and secure; and staying connected to the whole team for seamless collaboration.

¹ 180% in US and UK, 85% in France. Source: Adobe, State of Create study, April 2012
² Source: Adobe, State of Create study, April 2012
³ Source: Andrade, 2009

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Foster a better working environment in which people are equipped and empowered to generate new thinking


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