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The Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture

Get Inspired!

Last September, the event 'The Future of Agriculture' took place. During this inspiring session, we discussed how we can leverage a complete digital value chain in order to add value. But also, how we can connect different aspects of Agriculture with the power of technology. The event was a walkthrough of current and upcoming projects, supported by different companies in Agriculture.

Speakers from TU Delft, CRV, Koppert and Avebe shared there experience, vision and future ambitions. The real-life projects that were discussed during this event, will hopefully change the way we look at Agri Tech and inspire us for the future!

Where you not able to join the live event last September or would you like to watch it again? We want to keep inspiring and have therefore shared the recordings below. Please select the topic of your interest and enjoy!

If you have any remaining questions or comments and you would like to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact Kim van der Veer or Gillian Dolmans via DiscovNL@microsoft.com.

General Opening & Ending session

Speakers: Liselotte de Vries from TU Delft, Jeffrey Boersma from Koppert, Kim van der Veer and Henk Woltjes from Microsoft
Topics: Trend Developments, Value of Data, Innovate and Customer Made PowerApps

Break Out Sessions

1. Remote Assist in Greenhouses

Speakers: Henk Woltjes, Elise Stedenburg and Niels Roos from Microsoft

2. Genomics in the Cloud

Speakers: Thomas Follender from Microsoft

3. How to protect your IP in the Cloud

Speakers: Xander Kupers and Jan Willem Roks from Microsoft

4. Robotic Process Automation

Speakers: Henk Woltjes and Elise Stedenburg from Microsoft

5. Image recognition for quality control

Speakers: Johan Hopman from Avebe and Thomas Follender from Microsoft

6. Cloud Modernization

Speakers: Els van Eekelen from CRV and Roy de Milde from Microsoft

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