Shedding light on the best of what’s next in technology at the first-ever Microsoft Ignite Denmark

Maria  Galvez

Maria Galvez

CMO Lead - Microsoft Denmark & Iceland

Læsetid, 5 min.

At Microsoft Ignite Denmark local tech leaders and Microsoft experts were invited to explore the latest innovations in AI. From immersive breakout sessions to excellent networking opportunities, participants gained insights into leveraging state-of-the-art AI advancements for enhanced productivity and collaboration within their organizations.

On March 21st, the very first edition of Microsoft Ignite Denmark 2024 kicked off in Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center with more than 600 tech professionals attending. Two influential figures at Microsoft gave inspiring keynotes launching the day.

First, the audience had the chance to hear Country GM for Microsoft in Denmark and Iceland, Mette Kaagaard, who highlighted AI’s pivotal role in in tackling pressing societal issues like sustainability, cybersecurity, and healthcare. In her keynote, she also let the audience in on Microsoft’s bold environmental goals for 2030, leveraging the best of what’s next in technology to achieve those goals:

“A key aspect of our sustainability promise at Microsoft is that AI will help empower removal of all our emissions by 2050”.

Following Mette Kaagaard’s keynote, Lillie Harris, Azure Business Lead – Western Europe, Microsoft took the stage. In her captivating keynote, Lillie Harris emphasized the versatility of Copilot as she highlighted its adaptability to suit various departments within an organization and the importance of making sure that the entire organization is invited on board the AI journey. At the end of her keynote, the audience was left in no doubt that we are in the midst of truly defining time:

“This is a moment in history where we are going through an AI innovation revolution”.

Throughout the entire day at Microsoft Ignite Denmark, the Expo Area buzzed with energy as eight selected Microsoft partners – Inspari, Leapwork, Devoteam, VENZO, twoday, APENTO, Fellowmind, and NNIT/SCALES –, showcased their latest technological innovations in their creatively decorated booths. With all the partners present, the Expo Area served as a vibrant hub for networking, allowing participants to engage with peers, exchanging ideas and forging invaluable connections.

The four Platinum sponsors – Inspari, Leapwork, Devoteam, and VENZO – delivered insightful keynotes. Their sessions covered a range of topics, from use cases and various approaches to digital transformation, to results from AI-powered visual test automation and best practices for general AI deployment.


Shedding light on Azure and the enormous potential within the world of AI


Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to choose from a total of twelve different breakout sessions. In the Congress Hall, the spotlight was on Azure and the advancements in AI, including the myriads of opportunities it presents in today’s dynamic business landscape. From sessions on streamlining cloud operations and maximizing AI’s value to unifying data in OneLake and exploring developer experiences powered by AI, attendees witnessed live demos from leading Microsoft experts, and gained invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

The emphasis on developers was unmistakable, particularly during the presentation by Maxim Salnikov, Developer Productivity Business Lead at Microsoft, and Simon Tange Peylecke, Head of Digital & App Innovation at Microsoft. In their keynote, the focus was on the significant potential for optimization across various processes. Maxim Salnikov succinctly captured this sentiment from the stage, stating:

“Developers determine the speed of innovation. Thus, the future always starts with developers”.

The future of work and security go hand-in-hand

For participants keen on exploring the future of work and security, a wealth of insights awaited them from leading experts at Microsoft. Across four sessions on the Harlekin Stage, Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft 365, Microsoft’s Unified XDR, SIEM, and Copilot for Security Platform took center stage. In the initial session, Peter Lippert, Senior Technology Specialist – M365 Copilot & Teams and Nicolai Sønderby, Solution Sales Modern Work – M365 Copilot from Microsoft Denmark captivated the audience with their deep dive into Copilot for Microsoft 365, which holds the potential to serve as a personal AI assistant.

Five essential steps to nail your adoption of Microsoft Copilot

  1. Get your data house in order
  2. Be intentional about your roll-out
  3. Identify champions to lead the way
  4. Prioritize skilling
  5. Help people build new habits

As the spotlight shifted to security operations Senior Security Go-To-Market Lead for Microsoft Denmark, Iceland, and Austria, Jurate Beniulyte and Kenneth Rosenkrantz, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Security Copilot guided the audience through the capabilities of an intelligent, integrated platform in identifying breaches across programs, simplifying complex security protocols, and minimizing reporting burdens.

As the day came to an end, Nina Due, Director for the Small, Medium and Corporate Segment, Line Sinding Skött, Public Sector Lead, and Crilles Jansen, Director of Customer Success from Microsoft’s Danish Leadership Team were invited on stage in conversation with moderator Natasja Crone. Highlighting the key messages of the day, it once again became clear how AI has emerged as a pivotal force in addressing pressing societal issues, spanning sustainability, healthcare, and operational efficiency. And as was stressed by Line Sinding Skött from the stage during the closing remarks; AI is not an IT-thing, it is a business thing. But a prerequisite for grasping the potential of AI entails staying curious as Nina Due added:

“A way to stay curious is to stay committed to learning.”

Throughout the full day event, speakers, partners, and attendees truly ignited their common tech passion together. All in all, Microsoft Ignite really did serve as a reminder on how inspiring it is to share a common interest and knowledge of the newest developments within technology.

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