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Collaborate with Microsoft Teams and Transform your Organisation

Shirley Finnerty

Shirley Finnerty

M365 Business Group Lead

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Collaborate with Microsoft Teams and Transform your Organisation

Today’s workplace is evolving, with companies at every level of industry adopting a digital culture. Although organisations may differ in the way they have integrated digital technology into their operations, there’s really no such thing as non-digital business anymore. With employees now on 2x as many teams as 5 years ago and with a greater demand to support remote working, organisations should be considering if they have the right technology to support this shift.


Technology is transforming business for the better. If you can provide your employees with the tools to collaborate digitally, the immediate results are higher productivity, better communication and more mobility. A strong digital culture can impact on the overall culture of the organisation, contributing to higher morale ­­and the ability to attract and retain talented staff.


Digital cooperation is beneficial in every industry, so if you are not already encouraging teamwork through the way you use technology, here’s why it might be something to consider:


Easier collaboration means better communication and productivity 

The way we work is changing. It’s faster-paced combined with higher pressure. There’s a sense that everything is needed immediately. One way to combat this “urgency syndrome” is to improve your ability to collaborate. The ability for more people across teams to collaborate on projects at the same time, the faster the results.


We can see how important collaboration is for today’s workforce as more and more people are adopting Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork, a chat-based workspace that enables teams to be more productive by giving them a single and secure location, bringing together everything a team needs: chats, meetings, calls, files, and tools.


While it has become an essential tool for productivity, it has also improved communication in the organisations that use it, ensuring all team members are connected to the latest updates in their organisation and industry. Live Broadcasting on Microsoft Teams is a great way of training and motivating your staff and being inclusive of all employees regardless of their location. With developments in video communication such as Teams’ Cloud Video Interoperability and Background Blur, your staff can present professionally and securely from anywhere off-site, whether it’s a café, an airport waiting lounge or their own home. And with high quality video calls and instant chat, it’s easier than ever for co-workers to communicate and collaborate in a way that’s almost as seamless as being in the same room.


Digital transformation attracts the best talent

In a modern work environment, remote working is key. These days, employees need to be able to share information instantly wherever they are. With Microsoft Teams, your staff can work together on a secure system while having the freedom they desire. Teams can be used on-the-go with Surface devices for field workers, sales reps or even at home.



Providing employees with this flexibility is a significant benefit and can help HR attract the best workers from all over the country. This contributes to maintaining staff morale, minimising turnover, diversifying the organisation and improving work processes. HR will also benefit when onboarding new employees as with Microsoft Teams, they will have access to the materials, resources and projects related to their role all in the one place


Microsoft Teams increases day-to-day efficiency

Gaming lifestyle company Razer has seen the benefits for their staff. Vivek Gowri, Senior Manager for Hardware Engineering at Razer, discusses their success with this new way of working: “Today, this iterative back-and-forth process is expedited by having these conversations in real time using Teams.” Gowri continues “by accessing Teams on any of my mobile devices I can talk with engineers when I’m travelling and then switch back to the PC/office environment with the conversation still flowing. We share files, review drawings, escalate chat to video calls, and review emails. I love having the Office 365 integration where everything works seamlessly.”


Microsoft Teams is currently supporting collaboration in 329,000+ companies worldwide. If you want to embrace the newest trends in technology then download Microsoft Teams for free now.


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