Designed for the ways you work: how to empower firstline workers

Lisa Hunt

Lisa Hunt

Former Surface Business Group Lead

Read Time, 2 min.

This year more than any, the way we work has changed.

More businesses are reviewing how their firstline workers can continue to do what they do best, whether they’re working on site, in the field, or, as millions of others are, from home.

However our working habits change, our firstline workers will always be the backbone of what we do as businesses. Every successful enterprise should empower them with the tools and technology they need to do their jobs, wherever they are and however they work.

For years, Microsoft has been working alongside all kinds of companies across different sectors to help them achieve exactly this.

And that’s why we’ve created this webinar, hosted by Jared Marino. He explores how you can support your team in productivity, security and collaboration in a range of industries, including banking, healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications, through the Surface for Business range – particularly the new Surface Go.

The right tools for the job

In the webinar, you’ll see the importance of choosing the right devices for the job at hand. In particular, how the Microsoft Surface for Business portfolio can meet varied needs of firstline workers.

Together, Surface and Microsoft 365 enable people to work securely in their own way, wherever they are, thanks to with streamlined deployment, modern device management, and the best security solutions Microsoft has to offer.

Join us and get an in depth introduction of the newest addition to the range:

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 for Business – It’s the lightest, most compact Surface yet, and is faster with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 and Pentium® processors – the perfect device for the field or the floor. It comes with a larger and brighter 10.5” touchscreen display in the same compact size, to enhance your productivity. Plus fast-charging, with 10 hours’ battery life and LTE-enabled options.

See how these strategies work in your industry

You’ll discover how Microsoft technology, together with Surface devices, can help support firstline team productivity, security and collaboration. All brought to life with industry-specific scenarios.

Jared Marino

Jared spent over ten years at Microsoft before founding his company, Presenter Group. He now manages a group of communicators and teachers, working with Microsoft’s Surface and commercial sales teams to help drive device adoption through training.


An introduction to Surface Go for Business

Strategies for:

Banking and Insurance
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Defense and Utilities

The webinar will be a very full and informative session. We really hope you can make it.

Firstline Working with Microsoft Surface for Business

Watch our webinar and learn how to how to enhance the productivity of your firstline teams with the help of Microsoft Surface for Business. Plus get to know the brand-new Surface Go!

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