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Put more power in the hands of your Firstline Workers, wherever they are

Lisa Hunt

Lisa Hunt

Former Surface Business Group Lead

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Firstline Workers are the day-to-day heroes of our public services; they’re often the first to engage with citizens, the first to represent your organization, and put your services into action. However, they’re often the last to get access to the latest technology.

Better technology makes productivity more effective, by saving time and money, streamlining operations and making reporting more fluid. It also helps retain staff, which lowers re-employment costs, as well as reducing security breaches by as much as two thirds. And in those cases where attacks were successful, remediation costs were reduced by as much as 80%.

Surface Go, when teamed up with Microsoft 365, brings together best-in-class productivity and versatility, ideal for Firstline Workers who’d benefit from being more flexible and collaborative.

Laptop-to-tablet flexibility that goes anywhere

Surface Go is versatile, ready to adapt to any situation. It’s also the smallest, lightest Surface yet – weighing just 1.15lbs – so it’s ultra-portable and ready to go wherever the job demands. Firstline Workers can document events outside of the office, then transition from tablet to using the device as a full laptop for formal reporting.

Power and connectivity on the go

Firstline Workers need to stay productive even without reliable Wi-Fi access. With built-in LTE connectivity, Surface Go keeps your teams connected to email and colleagues on the go.

A natural way to work

Field case and Firstline Workers can document events outside of the office using Surface Go’s front and rear-facing HD cameras and Surface Pen, which makes taking notes as easy as using pen and paper, without having to write up back at the office.

The high-resolution 10” PixelSense™ Display is designed to be touched, viewed, and written on. Plus, with the adjustable Kickstand, users can find the most natural angle to write and draw in any situation or environment.

Make the most of Microsoft 365

The new Surface Go empowers your workforce to get the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 Pro.





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