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Why technology is key to keeping a creative team connected

Johanna Winqvist

Johanna Winqvist

Microsoft, Modern Workplace

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The one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Set working hours and rigidly defined job roles are out; flexibility and creativity are in. Everybody wants a ‘fluid’ workplace, where the boundaries between our work and our passions are blurred.

Work should be fun. It should be empowering. It should be fulfilling.

Defining how, where and when you work is a huge pull for talented and creative workers looking for jobs. And employers are listening, giving their teams more flexibility than ever.

Because a happier team means a better team.

Creativity – the magic ingredient

The challenge is keeping everybody connected and productive – and doing so securely. Around 50% of the workforce will be mobile next year. In this ultra-mobile vision of the future, modern technology is the glue that holds teams together.

Access to the latest devices isn’t an option – it’s an expectation.

82% say the technology a company uses would influence whether they accepted a job or not. Workers recognise how important technology is in helping them bring their best selves to the work they do.

And, when you think that 70% say they feel more innovative and confident at work when they are doing something creative, you see the importance of modern devices that inspire creativity. It will help attract, hire and keep the best talent.

Choose inspiration – Surface

Understanding the modern workplace is key to choosing the right devices to power it. Surface has been designed with this task in mind, bringing together the best of Microsoft to inspire teams across the world.

It’s a device designed for people, not robots, and you use it like you interact with the world around you. Take notes using a pen. Or use touch. Versatility and mobility make it the perfect workplace companion, wherever that place might be.

And it looks good.

But don’t be fooled by the sleek, compact design – Surface has all the power you’ll need for any type of creative work, plus all-day battery life and security fit for a mobile workforce.

It is the perfect partner for the modern workplace.

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