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Organisations are moving fast to embrace mobility and cloud technology, but security concerns persist. Let’s solve that.

42% of the global workforce is set to be mobile by 2020. And as people’s expectations for workplace mobility evolve and grow, organisations are increasingly faced by new, complex challenges. BYOD, compliance, flexible working… it’s a lot for you to think about.

Your employees know just how great remote working can be for productivity, but wherever you turn, security threats are lurking – threats to your devices, your data and your ideas. But here’s the thing, they’re almost always avoidable.

Let’s take a day in the working life of Milly, a lead concept artist at a burgeoning indie game studio and see how her ideas stay protected from birth to fruition on Microsoft devices.

The commute

Today is a big day for Milly’s studio, as they prepare to pitch their latest project to a leading game publisher. If everything goes well, production is set to commence immediately. For Milly, this means presenting principal artwork stored on her OneDrive to the publisher.

However, on the commute to the office, her Surface device is stolen from her bag. The initial panic subsides when she remembers her Surface is enabled with BitLocker encryption – nobody but her is getting access to that hard drive. She calls the IT team, who are quick to wipe her device remotely and prepare a replacement Surface for the presentation.

The pitch

Arriving at the office, Milly recovers her artwork from OneDrive on her replacement Surface. Before heading off, the director asks that everybody revisit the pitch notes on OneNote on the way to the publisher’s office. He’s added some last-minute thoughts, including a hyperlink for Milly to reference in her presentation. When she clicks it, Windows 10 recognizes potentially harmful malware and prevents her Surface from becoming infected. She flags this, and an alternative source is quickly found.
After a successful pitch, Milly’s ready to get started bringing her idea to life.

The office

For the first week of production, Milly will be working primarily in the office. And thanks to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology built into her wireless keyboard, she knows that nobody can access her work but her.

With security covered from all angles, Milly has the peace of mind she needs to stay secure while enjoying the flexible mobility her role demands – so she can work with the rest of the production team to keep their ideas secure and bring their game to market

Stay mobile, stay secure

With a hybrid approach that includes Surface devices, OneNote, BitLocker and Windows 10, plus a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) solution, your people can communicate, collaborate and work – flexibly and securely.

Whatever your security wish-list, download your white paper for an in-depth exploration of:

  • The benefits of blending on-site security with MDM
  • What to consider when investing in new mobile devices
  • Typical workplace scenarios and how to tackle mobility risk

Free whitepaper: The security challenge in a mobile world

On-site IT security is essential for businesses of all sizes

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