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Are you a woman in tech who consistently inspires others?  

According to Accenture, only 21% of women believe the technology industry is a place where they can thrive. So, for our inaugural Power Women in Tech award, we’re searching for women leaders at our partner organisations who can inspire other women to go further in technology. 

Our winners will be role models who have forged an extraordinary professional path leveraging or developing tech innovations and are actively contributing to the promotion of women and girls in STEM careers in their country.  


With this award, Microsoft Ireland wants to spotlight and celebrate the talented women working in our partner organisations, and to inspire the next generation of women leaders in tech.

Martina Naughton, Global Partner Sales Director at Microsoft Ireland. 

In Codec, we’re committed to growing the number of women in technology. We have put many initiatives in place to support our female employees to realise their full potential. Keeping women in the workplace makes sense, diversity adds competitive advantage.

 — Fiona Daly, CFO, Codec


By awarding these trailblazing women, we aim to celebrate talented women in tech across our partner organisations, giving winners an elevated platform to amplify the people and initiatives that are important to them. 

When it comes to tech, you need to really see it to supercharge it, so let’s spark inspiration today.

Award details and prizes 

Each of the 10 Microsoft Western Europe subsidiaries will have one winner for the award, women that truly stand out at a national level. And Western Europe will choose one nominee developing her work and influence across multiple European countries. Winners will be announced on the 23rd of June 2023 (International Women in Engineering Day). They will be highlighted by Microsoft leadership across different media channels and invited to participate in a Women Leaders Executive Program led by INSEAD Business School, our partner in this initiative.

Nominate yourself! 

If you are a Power Woman in Tech, you can nominate yourself!  

If you are not, send this link to the amazing Power Women in Tech you know! 

All nominees will be assessed by a panel of Microsoft and IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) leaders. The nominees must:  

  • Work for a Microsoft partner 
  • Have a minimum of 15 years of experience, with a tech leadership position  
  • Have evidence of performance, impact and work promoting diversity  
  • Social media presence as an influencer or opinion maker is also valued.   

Nominations are now open and will close on the 8th May 2023.

All Terms & Conditions at https://aka.ms/MPWITATermsandConditions.

2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report 

Witness the impact of our commitments to enhance representation and inclusion in Microsoft's Diversity & Inclusion Report. 

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