Microsoft’s collaboration with the Prince Couple’s Foundation sheds a light on dyslexia

Mia Forsäng

Mia Forsäng

Education Lead - Microsoft Sweden

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Microsoft Sweden and the Prince Couple’s Foundation have entered into a partnership to highlight the topic of dyslexia. The aim of the partnership is to spread knowledge and awareness about dyslexia and show how modern technology can help children and youth with reading and writing difficulties to reach their full potential.

According to the Swedish Dyslexia Association, at least one student in every classroom has dyslexia. Microsoft and the Prince Couple’s Foundation will therefore focus on creating a greater understanding of the subject and thus contributing to a more equal learning path.

The film about Sam is an example of a young student who, thanks to the support of special needs teachers and digital tools, is able to be a part of regular classes. There are many children who do not receive this kind of support. Early structured reading practice is just as important for students with dyslexia, as receiving the accommodations and support that every student is entitled to according to the Education Act.

The first two modules of the Dyslexia Awareness campaign, developed by the global charity Made by Dyslexia, provide teachers with knowledge and practical examples of how to create an inclusive classroom for all.

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