Microsoft Power Women in Tech Awards: Recognising the women driving innovation across Western Europe

Martina Naughton

Martina Naughton

Global Partner Sales Director - Microsoft Ireland

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Earlier this year, we launched the inaugural Microsoft Power Women in Tech Awards, to recognise and support remarkable women in our partner organisations across Western Europe. We were looking for individuals who are reaching new heights in the industry and who are proven champions of promoting diversity and inclusion. And we wanted to help raise the visibility of these leaders, to inspire women in the field at all stages of their careers.  

We saw an incredible response, receiving more than 150 nominations across 11 countries. And we were absolutely blown away by the calibre of these professionals and by their innumerable achievements.  

We are proud to share that the winner in Ireland is Gillian O’Sullivan, Country Leader of BearingPoint Ireland. Gillian received this award for prioritising Diversity and Inclusion and CSR activities, focusing on female acceleration and balanced recruitment in her organisation. She is a visible leader who shares her story to inspire others. 

“As leaders in organisations, being visible role models, sharing the story of our journey, and encouraging others to do the same is key. Doing so provides space for reflection and has the power to inspire others to take the next step in their own journey.”

Gillian O’Sullivan, Country Leader of BearingPoint Ireland

Gillian will be invited to join a bespoke Women Leaders Executive Programme developed and led by Jennifer Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, with the other country winners. 

Tech is the most influential industry in the world. It has the power to connect people, and if managed well, to shape the world for the better. To do this tech needs the best and brightest talent who can bring strategic calculation and moral imagination to the world. Ambitious young professionals, and women in particular, are well placed to help tech nudge the world in a better direction through the diversity of thought they bring. In return they will grow their leadership in a context that truly matters for humanity.”

– Associate Professor Jennifer Petriglieri, INSEAD 

Equal representation of women in the tech industry is an issue that affects every business. There is significant research that shows diverse teams are more innovative and more effective.  However, according to CSO figures (2022), less than one-third of Ireland’s ICT workers are women. In addition, only 21% of women across Europe believe that the technology industry is one that they can thrive in – so we need to change this perception if we are going to collectively address these issues and ensure that, not only Ireland, but Europe, continues innovating at pace.   

I want to congratulate all the remarkable nominees, who will become members of a newly created Microsoft Power Women in Tech community, an initiative to support career advancement through coaching and networking opportunities. 

Congratulations once again to all our nominees and winners! 



2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report 

Witness the impact of our commitments to enhance representation and inclusion in Microsoft's Diversity & Inclusion Report. 

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