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Like almost every other organization in the world, Microsoft is in the middle of settling into a hybrid work culture. This is no easy task. We need to ask ourselves some hard questions: What are employee preferences? What degree of flexibility do we provide? How do we ensure company culture and affiliation? How do we include people not physically present in meetings and teamwork?

We don’t have all the answers but will let our culture and data guide us. And we will share our reflections and thoughts and hopefully, this will start a conversation on how the future of work looks like in your organization.

Maybe you can get inspired by our Hybrid Work principles

  • Customer preferences first
  • Don’t expect fixed days in the office
  • Practice inclusion in all meetings
  • Some meetings require face-to-face collaboration
  • Use and showcase the newest technology
  • Leverage data to spot changes in work patterns
  • Combat digital exhaustion
  • Learn, learn, learn – then change

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Want to know more about our way of approaching hybrid work and how we might help you?

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