Revolutionizing Remote Work: How Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile Connects the World

Kit Ingwersen

Kit Ingwersen

Go-To-Market Lead - Modern Work

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In an age of constant movement, harnessing the power of mobile technology is essential. Explore how Microsoft’s Teams Phone Mobile is revolutionizing connectivity, enhancing productivity, and shaping the future of remote work.


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and productive on the move is crucial. Microsoft’s recent online seminar, held on September 20th at the Copenhagen headquarters, showcased the groundbreaking Teams Phone Mobile, poised to reshape the way we stay connected while on the go. The seminar delved into the roadmap and highlighted the impressive features of Teams Phone Mobile, and shared insights on Telia’s integration of the innovative technology. A real-world case study with GN Store Nord was also presented.

The Vision of Teams Phone Mobile

Peter Lippert, Technical Specialist at Microsoft, provided a glimpse into the future of mobile work, emphasizing the pivotal role Teams Phone Mobile plays in this evolving landscape. He began by acknowledging the societal shift toward increased mobility and remote work, noting that this trend has become more pronounced in the post-pandemic era.

After the pandemic, we’re becoming increasingly accustomed to working from various locations, and our expectation is to perform tasks that were traditionally limited to our PCs on any device, regardless of our location, he said.

This growing emphasis on mobility brings with it numerous opportunities, including greater flexibility, improved responsiveness, and increased productivity. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring business continuity during uncertain times. However, this shift has not been without its challenges. Some of these challenges include inconsistent call and collaboration experiences and the rising costs associated with maintaining redundant devices and services.

As we navigate this changing landscape, Teams Phone Mobile emerges as a solution designed to address these challenges while leveraging the benefits of increased mobility in the modern workplace.

The Benefits of Teams Phone Mobile

Teams Phone Mobile is set to unlock the power of mobility for organizations. It offers the ability to seamlessly integrate users’ mobile identities with Microsoft Teams, resulting in several advantages.

One standout feature is the provision of a single business-provided mobile number. This means users have one number for mobile, desk, and Teams, simplifying accessibility for others and reducing the need for multiple numbers. Moreover, Teams Phone Mobile ensures secure and compliant mobile communications by implementing enterprise-grade business policies that ensure security and compliance across mobile devices.

Unified collaboration and communication are at the core of Teams Phone Mobile. It unifies call history, voicemail, and presence across devices, streamlines business communications, and contributes to cost reduction by trimming expenses on redundant services and devices and optimizing resources.

This innovative service ensures that calls simply work across devices and networks; it leverages the full potential of Microsoft Teams and provides centralized views of all business communications. Security and compliance remain top priorities, ensuring that mobile communications align with company policies.

Telia’s Integration of Teams Phone Mobile

Telia was the first in Denmark to launch Teams Phone Mobile on September 12, 2023. With Teams Phone Mobile, companies can link their mobile numbers from Telia to Teams. It takes only a few minutes to get started, and everything is managed through a simple online interface in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, where company administrators can control the service—even across countries.

In Telia’s vision, Teams Phone Mobile isn’t just another addition to their offerings; it is a catalyst for creating efficient, hybrid work environments. This innovative solution will simplify and streamline business communication, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, unwavering support, and robust reliability.

This new product launch aligns seamlessly with our strategic ambition to deliver innovative, flexible, and user-friendly business solutions that stay ahead of technological developments and make everyday operations smoother for Danish companies,” Henrik Thørring, Commercial Manager at Telia, explained.

Telia’s extensive portfolio already comprises a range of communication solutions tailored to business clients. Teams Phone Mobile adds a valuable tool to its arsenal, complementing existing services such as cloud-based phone systems, contact center solutions, data services, and comprehensive support and consultancy services.

“Users now have the power to effortlessly shift calls from their mobile phones to Teams, instantly adding video capabilities, inviting more participants, recording meetings, and even pausing ongoing discussions,” Henrik explained.

In all, Telia envisions a dynamic transformation of the modern workplace, empowered by the fusion of its 5G mobile network with the capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Their commitment is exemplified by an impressive 99.99% uptime rate, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication.

GN Store Nord: A Case Study in Success

GN Store Nord, a Telia business partner, has tested the Teams Phone Mobile since August 1st. Known for its innovative hearing, audio, and video solutions, GN had already integrated Teams into their online meetings.

The introduction of Teams Phone Mobile has brought even more versatility to their operations, making meetings more efficient and flexible.

For a company like ours, which develops intelligent hearing, audio, and video solutions it is especially advantageous to be able to take the integration of Teams a step further through the Teams Phone Mobile, which is also supported by our Jabra headsets with full Teams integration, Jesper Skovgaard, Technical Product Owner at GN Store Nord, explained.

For GN, Teams Phone Mobile allowed their mobile workforce to stay connected across devices and networks, enabling flexible calling and collaboration from anywhere. The service provided a unified communication platform, with a single call history and voicemail for both mobile and Teams calls. This streamlined communication within the organization and facilitated global solutions, thanks to Teams Phone Mobile’s central administration.

The positive experience during testing has led GN to plan a full-scale rollout to all their Telia users, anticipating further gains in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Teams Phone Mobile promises seamless integration, enhanced security, and cost-effective communication solutions, and Telia and GN’s success stories highlight the practical benefits of adopting this technology. As we navigate the evolving work landscape, Teams Phone Mobile emerges as a game-changer, empowering organizations to stay connected and productive, no matter where their work takes them.

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