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Our world is changing fast. COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated Digital Transformation and all business sectors and institutions have shifted to hybrid work and digital delivery. This has had a huge consequence on required job skills. 

According to analysis by LinkedIn and Microsoft, 149 million more digital jobs will be created by 2025, in fields such as privacy, data analysis, cyber security and AI. All these jobs require significant knowledge of computer science. Education systems are looking at ways to enhance computer science education throughout student learning pathways, from primary to upper-secondary. We hear from education leaders across the globe that they are keen to include cutting-edge topics like AI and data science in curriculum, but that constant change and innovation in technology makes it challenging to keep current. In response, Microsoft is aiming to help bridge the gap by launching our new Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit.


Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit

The toolkit is a set of materials that can help education leaders and educators rethink curriculum, by explaining the rationale for change, setting out key learning objectives and guiding materials from kindergarten through grade 12.

The Microsoft Computer Science Framework provides an innovative approach to learning Computer Science based on solving real-world problems and making use of the vast array of resources that Microsoft has created for schools over the past decades. It is flexible enough that it can be used to complement a national Computer Science curriculum or can be adapted or supplemented with additional teaching and learning resources.

Explore the computer science white paper, as well as the accompanying curriculum and structure.


Create a computer science curriculum with the Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit

If you’re ready to start, take the 2-hour course to create a computer science curriculum with our toolkit and become a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. By the end of this course, you will learn how computer science applies to teachers and students, understand why computer science education is a fundamental need and how you can use the Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit to implement the CS lessons into your classroom.


Organize an activity for your students

Participate in Europe #CodeWeek and join the AI Hour of Code challenge. This year challenge on Minecraft: Education Edition aims to introduce AI and coding to our youngest generation in a didactic manner, while teaching them the importance of how to use technology for good. You can find the challenge. You can find more lessons, immersive worlds and challenges on the Minecraft: Education Edition resources page.

Reimagining computer science in the curriculum

Explore the computer science whitepaper

2 hours

Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit

Create a computer science curriculum with the Microsoft Computer Science Curriculum Toolkit

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