Security Week 2020 – Belgium & Luxembourg

Security Week 2020 – Belgium & Luxembourg

Get knowledgeable about Microsoft Security Solutions

Welcome to our Microsoft BeLux Security Week

During the week of October 26th 2020, we have organized our first Microsoft Belux Digital Security Week.

In case you missed a session or want to revisit a session, this is the place to be.
Below you can find all the recordings of our partner sessions and the Microsoft keynotes. This page with all the content will remain active for another period of time.

We hope you will enjoy and learn a lot of this Digital Security Week! Have fun!

Partners: Delaware / NVISO - Dexmach - KPMG - NTT - Obvus - Proximus - Secwise - Synergics - The Collective - Xylos

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Welcome by Didier Ongena, GM Microsoft BeLux

Country Manager Microsoft Belgium & Luxemburg Didier Ongena welcomes you, explains the setup of the event and shares his security top-of-minds.

Microsoft Keynotes

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Opening Keynote – “Microsoft Security”

Lesley will share the strategy & vision of Microsoft with regards to security.

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Closing Keynote – “Microsoft Security Bring it all together”

During the week you’ve seen a bunch of security components of the Microsoft security stack. How do they work together, reinforce each other and increase your security posture, it is time to bring it all together.

Microsoft 365 Security

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In a never normal world is 0-trust your key to success (SecWise)

Koen Jacobs from Secwise (Cronos Group) focusses on the importance to anticipate real-time on identity breaches. In a mobile world, we say sometimes "the user is the new firewall". That's why it’s important to anticipate real-time on identity breaches. A good IAM strategy is your first line of defense. Let's explore what the best practices are by explaining some real-life customer attacks.

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You have migrated to O365, have you thought about security? (Synergics)

Jurgen Vaneynde, Security Consultant at Synergics, will challenge how moving to the cloud should make you re-think the security perimeter defense. Discover the new phishing challenges and solutions Office 365 brings to the table.

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Endpoint Management of the future (OBVUS) 

Kenny Buntinx is Managing Partner at OBVUS, he states that you should balance your Endpoint Management to the cloud. He will show you why and how. Learn about real-life stories on how Microsoft Endpoint Management makes your life easier and more secure in terms of Modern Management and remote work.

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Endpoint Protection, cross-platform (The Collective)

Michael Van Hoorenbeek founded The Collective a few years ago and he claims a typical AV is not enough; especially across different platforms. A solid strategy includes everything from reducing your attack surface to detecting threats and intelligently and efficiently responding to them, without overburdening your operational team(s). In this session, we'll cover tips and tricks on how to best plan for, deploy and drive an Endpoint Protection strategy based on Microsoft's Threat Protection solutions.

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Shadow IT – who is operating in the dark (Xylos)

Koen Hautekeete, CTO & Wout Van Thienen, IT Consultant at Xylos will address ‘Make the invisible, visible when it comes to non-approved software’. Shadow IT is a problem that every company is facing. Discover and control what applications are used and what kind of company data is stored on these applications.

Microsoft 365 Compliance & Azure Security

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Protect your O365 data and beyond (Proximus)

Proximus Consultants Stephane Van Dijck & David De Vos will discuss on how companies can control an explosion of data. Data is everywhere, so it can be challenging to protect your sensitive data properly. Learn how Data protection and classifications in M365 can help you to protect and monitor your data no matter where it resides. Proximus will give an overview of the protection features and insights. With a demo on real life use cases & best practices on data management. 

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Governance and Compliance with O365 (KPMG)

Kara Segers and Iris Van Cauwenbergh are working for KPMG’s Advisory & Digital Risk Management department. They will discuss the risk management, compliance and governance options in Office 365.

“As a company, we all produce tons of valuable data each day. However, it isn't always very clear what happens with that data after it is created, stored and handled. When you hand over the keys to your fortress to the capable hands of your IT Administrators, are you sure that they correctly utilize the power that comes along with those keys? Come and listen to how we handled these risks in past use cases and regained control of a fortress's valuable data with Microsoft 365 Compliance, Insider Risk Management and Privileged Access Management!”

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Azure Security ins & outs (DexMach)

Remi Minnebo from DexMach will talk about security regarding IAAS and PAAS implementations on Azure. Today’s security no longer lives at the edge the perimeter, but shifted to a multi-layer, omni-presence model. Security stretches from governance practices to identity over resource management. Join us on this short virtual journey to discover how Azure Security Center provides instant focus and helps increase your (extended) Azure environment security posture.

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Sentinel a SIEM and SOAR as-a-service (Delaware / NVISO)

Delaware and NVISO join forces for this presentation: Maarten Leyman and Jeroen Vandeleur will share their deep experience of Security signals and alerts, bringing them together and making the correct decisions fast. Gaining visibility in your cloud environment is crucial from a security perspective and handling thousands of log events becomes a challenging task. Some of the reasons are the lack of knowledge about logging options, the lack of visibility in your cloud environment and the lack of resources. During this presentation we will give you an example of an actual SIEM implementation.

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Microsoft solutions as part of your security architecture (NTT)

Johan Wera & Dries Hauspie from NTT Cybersecurity Advisory are convinced Microsoft has an important and interesting solution stack for your security defense. Johan & Dries will explain how Microsoft Security solutions are important cornerstones within your security defense strategy. 

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