Security Immersion Workshop

Security Immersion Workshop

Security Immersion Workshop Expand your security expertise with hands-on experience  Expand your security expertise to better defend against today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks by attending a free virtual Microsoft Security Immersion Workshops.   Get hands-on experience working with Microsoft threat protection solutions in virtual labs so you and your organization can learn how to detect threats. Whether you’re a chief information security officer or an on-the-ground IT pro, our security learning experiences will add critical capabilities to your skill set—strategic and tactical.   Delivered by a Microsoft Partner, they are in 1:few format in order to ensure interactive discussions and follow-up when relevant.  Microsoft Security Immersion Workshops help attendees to:  Dive deep into the current security landscape to address highly critical threats.   Get interactive, hands-on experience by engaging with Microsoft experts and industry partners.   Gain the expertise to defend against increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks.

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Below, you will find a list of all upcoming Security Immersion Workshops - Free of charge for you as a Microsoft customer.
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Lær hvordan du kan overholde samsvaret med datasikkerhetskravene når bedriften din benytter seg av teknologi som kunstig intelligens og IoT.

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