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In collaboration with twoday kapacity, N1 has developed their N1GO! app, enabling the utility company to collect images and data on 80,000 cable cabinets within a few weeks. This remarkable achievement surpasses their traditional annual inspection of approximately 10,000 cabinets. Inspired by the popular game Pokemon GO!, N1’s employees have been empowered to collect data on cable cabinets in their local areas. Leveraging the capabilities of an advanced image recognition algorithm, users can now uncover and evaluate the type and condition of N1’s cable cabinets, providing invaluable information to N1, thanks to the partnership with twoday kapacity.

Learn more about the challenge, strategy, and results of the case below!


The challenge N1 was facing
The utility company “N1” has 280,000 cable cabinets, but lacked insight into the assets’ condition, age, type / model, and location. Approximately 11,000 random cabinet inspections were carried out annually because technicians lacked data. This increased safety risks because critical cabinets might be overlooked. To remedy this, N1 looked to gamification for a solution. They wanted their employees to “capture” cabinets, like in Pokémon Go, but lacked the necessary expertise.

twoday kapacity’s strategy to solve the challenge
To tackle this challenge, twoday kapacity devised a strategy that would revolutionize asset management by incorporating gamification as a core element. Collaborating with N1, they developed an app named N1GO! The app plotted the cable cabinets on a map, enabling employees to locate and access information about the cabinets in their respective areas. Employees were encouraged to take pictures of the cabinets using their mobile cameras. An image recognition algorithm would then suggest the type and model of the cabinet, while simultaneously requiring the employee to assess its condition.

This innovative approach empowered N1 to collect valuable data on numerous cable cabinets, aiding them in selecting the right cabinets for inspection. The project’s objective was to gain a comprehensive overview over a five-year period and achieve financial savings in inspection resources.

N1’s results
As a result of this initiative, N1 can now focus their inspection efforts on the most critical cabinets, optimizing the utilization of technical resources and allowing them to prioritize the green transition of the Danish power supply. Remarkably, within just four months, employees have amassed over 14 years’ worth of inspections and detailed cabinet data. Normally, N1 inspects approximately 11,000 cabinets, but thanks to N1GO!, they have already gathered data for at least 145,000 cabinets in the same timeframe. Based on N1’s internal calculations, this achievement translates into cost savings of 11 million DKK.

Moreover, the project has fostered a cultural shift within N1, promoting a strong emphasis on collaboration among its employees.

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