Microsoft trotse partner nieuw Smart City project: GoinGDutch

Microsoft Nederland

Het GoinGDutch project is een van de vele initiatieven waarbij we onze technologie in kunnen zetten voor een betere wereld.

New Smart Cities Project: goinGDutch
Currently more than 66,000 people work at the airport. Only a small number of those (4,000) travel to their work by bike on a day-to-day basis.
This month, an influential group of Dutch institutions and companies took a concrete step in the right direction to make the digital transformation of cities and urban areas a reality. The initiative, called “goinGDutch”, includes Schiphol Group, BAM, OrangeNXT, and Microsoft. Its initial aim is to improve and increase the use of bikes as transportation in and around the Schiphol area, which will improve the accessibility and capability of the Schiphol area. As a partner of goinGDutch, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to provide the digital platform for achieving smarter, data-driven mobility concepts.

State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven launched the initive on September 2nd by opening the doors of the GoingDutch office in Spaces on our 6th floor.

Why we love this project
Microsoft is excited to be involved in this initiative for several reasons: first and foremost, we are a corporate citizen of the Schiphol area, and many Microsoft employees travel to, through and from the area every day. This initiative will reduce air pollution in the region and emphasize travel options that will help keep our workers fit and healthy and lessen traffic jams, all while getting to work the Dutch way. This is one of the many initiatives where we can leverage our technology to create a better world. In short: a win-win situation for all of us.

Going forward

For more information please read the blog post by MicrosoftNL GM Ernst-Jan Stigter, Ernst-Jan Stigter. Or watch the video of partner OrangeNXT (in Dutch):

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