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Microsoft Discover: Workplace Transformation workshops



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Microsoft Discover: Workplace Transformation Workshops

The workplace is changing, the expectations of the employees as well. There are new working models and new trends – a new working culture is emerging. To make this change possible requires a combination of organizational change, well thought-out workplace design – and the right technology. Accept the new work culture and visit our workshops in the first step!

Microsoft Discover Workshops are designed to inspire you to think of new ways for your business. You will get hands-on experience with Microsoft products, devices, and solutions to gain valuable insights on how technology can be used to make digital changes in your business.

Our Discover Workshops have now moved to a digital format and are run by our Partners. To register your details and for further information click the dates below:

Since these are interactive workshops, the number of participants is limited. Participation is free of charge for you as a customer!

Upcoming Workplace Transformation workshops in Norway:

September 23rd 2020: Workplace Transformation workshop – Security – Register here

September 24th 2020: Workplace Transformation workshop – Teamwork – Register here

October 21st 2020: Workplace Transformation workshop – Security – Registration coming soon

October 22st 2020: Workplace Transformation workshop – Teamwork – Registration coming soon

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