Azure Immersion workshops

Azure Immersion workshops

Disse workshopene gir deg det lille ekstra som trengs for å kunne forvandle ideene dine til løsninger i skyen. Utforsk Microsoft Azure og oppdag mulighetene med pålitelige verktøy og Power BI, tilpasset dine behov.

Azure Immersion Workshop: AI

During this 1-day virtual event, business and technical roles from all organizations will get an understanding of the value AI could add to their business, learn examples of best practices and scenarios, see latest AI solution demonstrations, and get hands-on with Azure AI solutions.

Azure Immersion Workshop: Analytics

This is a 1-day digital event where the partner presents a high-level of the heart of analytics, then dive deeper into different techniques to optimizing analytics with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Synapse and ways to democratize insights through the power of PowerBI and Azure together and a whiteboarding session. After that customers will roll up their sleeves for a hands-on labs experience to use Azure Synapse Studio in action.

Azure Immersion Workshop: Cloud Native Apps

This workshop is delivered by skilled Microsoft services partners and is designed to simplify and accelerate customers’ journey towards modernizing their existing applications, building new apps in a cloud native way, and using Kubernetes and other Azure technologies.

Azure Immersion Workshop: Data Modernization

A 1-day hands-on workshop for TDMs, DBAs & other Data roles that focuses on the value and process of migrating apps & databases to Azure. The workshops are partner-delivered, focus to help customers who have moved infra but no apps or data to Azure. This workshop focuses on the value and process of migrating apps and databases to Azure utilizing SQL Database, SQL Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS) and other data modernization Azure services and techniques.

Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration

The Infrastructure Migration Workshop provides you with both the knowledge and skills to migrate on-premises infrastructure such as Windows Servers and Linux Servers, running line of business applications and their associated database tier to Azure with confidence. The workshop covers both the technical aspects along with guidance on process, people and governance (Cloud Adoption Framework).

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