Microsoft at Slush – ready to connect and innovate

Drazen Dodik
Lukuaika, 2 min.  

The most important tech and startup event Slush is hereMicrosoft is joining again with our global team ready to meet with startups to plan joint customer activities, go-to-market and have technical discussions. Through the Microsoft for Startups program we’re looking to support startups scale their business, go international and meet with the right industry customers. 


Microsoft for Startups is a global program, also open for eligible Finnish companies. An example of a Finnish success story from the Microsoft for Startups program is Valohaia company that provides a deep learning management platform for data scientistsValohai allows you to boost your data scientists’ productivity by letting them concentrate on a model building while Valohai automates your MLOpsValohai and five other international startups from the program will be present at our booth to share their insights and stories of our collaboration 

Come and meet Microsoft startup experts at our booth for lightning talks to discuss business and technical solutions and mentoring sessions for more in depth discussionIn addition, Microsoft is hosting and supporting side events like Founder’s Day and Introduction to Microsoft for Startups 

Microsoft for Startups program – what is in it for you? 

  • Mentoring, sparring and trainings for startups 
  • Tools to help you scale your businesslike up to $120k in free Azure cloud credits 
  • Connecting you with relevant enterprises and opening doors across the globe  

Slush would not be the go-to event for startups and tech people if it wasn’t for all the top-notch speakers! One interesting talk to add to your calendars is by Edith Harbaugh, Founder of LaunchDarkly, and Chad Fowler, General Manager of Startups at Microsoft. They discuss their experiences and learnings in creating products for markets that do not exist yet – a problem that is more and more relevant in this changing, digitalizing world we live in.  

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